From North Venice to the original one

Hello, world! My name is Anna, I am a young and ambitious person from Saint-Peterburg, Russia. Currently I live in Padua, Italy, as a EVS volunteer for the Padua Community. This blog will be basically dedicated to my recent life story started in 2019: how and why I decided to become a volunteer, why I chose Italy and this particular project, how I obtained the entry visa, what obstacles I faced on my way to here, and what kind of different adventures, discoveries, inquires I deal with everyday. I will tell you about every little thing that I come across, every enounter, and sometimes I will share my thoughts and observations because I tend to reflect a lot about the past and I am anxious but excited about the future. A a bonus, I will keep you posted about my Italian language learning progress (which now is not worth to be mentioned;).

The more involved you get, the more motivation I will have to continue and expand my blog, so your attention and remaks will florish my little garden of words. Nice to meet you and stay tuned for the next episode =)

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