What do I want for 8th of March?

As the celebration day is due tomorrow, I’d like to dream a little bit on how I want to see it, and reflect on the current situation with gender-based celebrations in our country.

First and foremost, it’s a commemoration and a tribute day for those women who fought for our rights and rebelled against inequality and biased approach. 100 year ago or so, developing a career for women sounded like breastfeeding for men, something impossible and completely useless. Nowadays, when the majority of some company’s workers are women, they celebrating a day of Spring, flowers, beauty, health and well-being. Not arguing that health and beauty is important aspects of our lives, I still have to mark an ironic mismatch between the intentions of women protesting 100 years ago and their descendents waiting for gifts and attention. From who? From men that made them struggle for so long in order to enjoy the same rights and freedoms attributed to any man simply due to his biological function.

This is why for the 8th of March I want something you can’t buy.

Respect to every woman’s personal life, her decisions and choices.

No pressure from society, media propaganda, relatives or friends regarding woman’s maritial status, presence or absence of kids.

No to calling names: demanding respect doesn’t make you radical feminist.

No to harrassment and victimblaming.

Leaving abortion to her personal choice and ending the humiliation and scapegoating those who don’t comply with pro-life activists opinion.

Making existing contraception more available and encouraging further development of their quality and safety for women.

Ending bullying those who breastfeed their kids in public. You wanted kids to be born, don’t you? Then how could you forget they sometimes need to eat and they can’t wait for a sensitive hypocrite to pass?

Enforcing a law against domestic violence and ending victimblaming in media and from decision makers.

All these gifts are priceless and all of us can give it to each other. Every woman has a choice not to blame but to listen and show compassion to one another. Every woman can stop seeing others as her competitors or even rivals and see each other as partners. Cause if not for these, what is this celebration for?

And as for decoration. you can use statues and flowers!

Saving the planet on the daily basis. A young mom, inspired volunteer in marketing and communications.